How We Work In the Digital Me Framework

How We Work

Our digital transformation process stack has been designed to ensure we start out with the right insights and goals that will allow us to deliver a great product that is embedded with the ability to gain insights that will fuel long term optimization and innovation.


We’re all about getting results in a timely fashion. We believe in, embrace and even create the Big Picture, but there are a lot of quick wins that can be implemented during the process. We are avid practitioners of the lean and agile startup methodology of finding the problem, proposing a solution, testing it, fixing it and iterating often.

Digital Transformation is a deep, challenging and ongoing journey. Our goal is to create a fantastic customer experience that matches your business goals – while taking aim at a moving target. Any time you create a goal in today’s fast-paced digital environment, you have to acknowledge and plan for change along the way. Having a clear strategy and destination in mind is critical, but the quick hits along the way create value and help determine the success of the final product.

What “The Big Picture” Means to Us

Seeing the Big Picture starts out by getting to know the Digital Me of your customers and your organization. By auditing your complete digital footprint, we can map out the   “Digital Context” that connects you organically to your customers. Starting from that customer-centric context, we develop a strategic plan that leads to the design of a customer experience that fulfills the business goals.